Don't Panic It's Organic with Kevin Whalen

Don't Panic It's Organic with Kevin Whalen


This class will focus on discovering the fun and freedom of organic improv. Yes... it can be fun!  Students will learn how to harness the abstract group mind and focus it into clear moments and scenes, transforming the way you approach group work. Students will be encouraged to trust their guts and use their bodies, freeing the improvisor to follow inspiration instead of being confined by obligation. Learn to ‘yes’ so hard that it turns into the ‘and’. The ensemble will create their own original piece that will presented in a show at the end of the course. 

Dates: April 7, 14, 28, and May 5 from 8-10 pm

Location: The Cabin (792 Ossington Avenue)

Cost: $115 + HST (use code PAYLATER to pay later)