Assembly Tuesday: Longform Elegance Convocation
9:30 PM21:30

Assembly Tuesday: Longform Elegance Convocation

Good evening, good evening, longform darlings! A fine evening of longform improv extravagance awaits! A new class has their debutant ball! Join us for most delectable games of the scene with dashes of the most exquisite characters.

Featuring these most refined of teams:
Goldman Zacks Morris
Indiana Zeta-Jones
Brad Pitbull
New Grads: Longform 301B!

Hosted by: Matt Folliott

9:30pm - Second Floor SoCap - PWYC

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The Experiment
9:30 PM21:30

The Experiment

We assembled Canada's greatest improvisers to try something really, really weird for your entertainment. Are you game? Good.


The Lockout Players [a totally different cast of longform improvisers that will only ever perform together ONCE]
Jennifer Ashleigh Lloyd
Jackson Rowe
Emily Poulin
Omar Draz
Jenna LeBlanc
Chris Boyle
Amrutha Krishnan
Jacques Cîroc

Darth Vader Ginsburg

Tallboyz II Men

And featured troupe STRIKE [an incredible cast of superstars doing a different, experimental form every single show]
Rob Baker
Ashley Botting
Adam Cawley
Jan Caruana
Matt Folliott
Jess Grant
Ken Hall
Becky Johnson
Rob Norman
Paloma Nuñez
Kris Siddiqi

$10 online/12 at the door//drinks to follow.

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Assembly Tuesday: Convocation 2
9:30 PM21:30

Assembly Tuesday: Convocation 2

Gather round ye Longform Heads and see another class of precious new Graduates (Karate Kids on the Block) wow you with their form. If life is a Harold, on this night we celebrate the sweep of the opening, and look forward to the beats ahead!


Longform 101:
Saunia Saher
Sasha Luna
Vincent Lee
Jacob Hogan
Suneil Ramesh
Rayanne Langdon
Lauren Sittler
Laurence Trottier
Jonathan Sohn
Tamlyn Freedman
Tony Kim
Shaun Hunter

Pepperoni Pizza Cats

Karate Kids on the Block:
Laurence Cuffey
Erin Sangle
Cassie Pyatt
Erik J Bracciodieta
Shreya Patel
Azer Karadag
Mary Phan
Meg Mathur
Patrick Polvorosa

Hosted by Longform Priest: Yaw Attuah

9:30pm - Third Floor SoCap - PWYC

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